Elysian Arts

Your host to artistic expression

Elysian Arts

Your host to artistic expression

About Us


Elysian Arts is an intimate collective providing world-class movement art to local and international venues. Based out of Southern California, they have been involved with a vast array of performance productions.

 Elysian Arts creates moving pieces comprised of creative expression mixed with exceptional talent. Their performances leave audiences intrigued and inspired by the raw, elegant passion they embody.


 The collective possesses the ability to imprint on their audiences an experience as unique as they are. Their intent is to affect genuine inspiration into the hearts and minds of those participating.

To do so, they approach each client with an open heart and mind. This ability allows Elysian Arts to capture and express the spirit of each of their clients.



Elysian Arts is more than performance art. They exist as your medium to the spirit realm. 

You can see their work being shared at private parties, corporate events, and large-scale festivals!

Elysian Arts strives to radiate their passion for movement art through a variety of outlets: AERIAL, FIRE, DANCE, & ACROBATICS.

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